All the Details

The Guy Daniels Memorial Surfoff is free to attend for all ages. Come enjoy a sun-filled day with family and friends!

Sponsor the Event
  • July 27th & 28th
  • 13th Avenue South in Surfside Beach

  • Surfing Starts at 9am

  • Free Push-In / Novice Heat

  • Kids Activity Tent is Back this Year

  • Free T-Shirt for Contestants

  • Food Available

  • Great Raffle Prizes

  • Free to Attend

  • Free Parking

  • Suggestions; let us know

  • Just fill out the form to get registered

  • Just fill out the form to get registered

Surfside Beach graciously allows Free Parking for the event. All attendees are asked to park in the lot located on 13th Ave. Overflow parking is available on Melody Ln and the road sides obeying the following rules. Print this parking pass and leave visible to the Parking Authority on the dashboard of your vehicle.

No Parking:

  1. At any place where official signs prohibit parking
  2. On any sidewalk
  3. Within thirty (30) feet of any intersection not otherwise designated for parking
  4. Within ten (10) feet of any beach access, driveway and entrance or exit to any parking lot
  5. On any private property without consent of the owner
  6. Within fifteen (15) feet of a fire hydrant.

Be sure to keep your vehicle facing the direction of traffic and keep your vehicle tires off the pavement. Don’t park near a stop sign, block any driveways or park in other restricted areas. Anyone that is parked on lawns or reserved areas will be towed.

Print This Parking Pass

Tentative Heat Schedule:

1) Jr. Mens (U18) shortboard final: 9:00
2) Boys U16 shortboard final: 9:25
3) Boys U14 shortboard final: 9:50
4) Menehune U12 shortboard final: 10:10
5) Bodyboard final: 10:30
6) Womens longboard final: 10:50
7) Menehune longboard final: 11:10
8)Jr Men’s U18 Longboard 11:30
9) Lunch: 12:00
10) Womens shortboard final: 12:15
11) Mens longboard final: 12:35
12) Masters longboard final: 12:55
13) Legends/Grandlegends longboard final: 1:15
14) Mens shortboard final: 1:35
15) Masters shortboard final: 1:55
16) Sr. Mens shortboard final: 2:15

Novice (push and surf): 2:30

17) Allcraft money (A): 2:35
18) Allcraft money (B): 2:55
19) Legends/Grandlegends shortboard final : 3:15
20) Allcraft money Final : 3:35
21) AWARDS/Surfboard Raffle: 4:00

Schedule is subject to change, so arrive early. Check in 15 minutes prior to heat